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Hanging Garden of Mechanical Atoms (One Screen) by SyntheticMemory Hanging Garden of Mechanical Atoms (One Screen) by SyntheticMemory
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There are so little tri-screen wallpapers floating around the internet that I usually have to make them myself. Like the Genesis Engine before it, this is one of those wallpapers, except you're looking at the single-screen crop of it. This is also a slight modification of Digital Pearls, from a different perspective. The formula is the same with a very slight increase in one small place.

For you eyefinity/nvidia surround users out there, I included the tri-screen, 5760x1080 version for you. You can find that one below. Even if you're not interested in huge, exotic resolutions for 50+ inch arrays of LCD monitors, there's a lot more detail in that one.

I absolutely enjoy making things like this. I seem to be getting a poor response on them, though, so if I'm doing something wrong, or I just have strange taste, please point that out to me.

Anyway, I render the entire object in mandelbulb3d. The only photoshop work, at least on this particular image, was resizing the image and the depth-of-field. I prefer to use photoshop's lens blur using mandelbulb3d's depth-of-field because it's 1) faster and 2) pleases my eyes a little better. That, and the DOF function in mb3d tends to run out of memory quickly, since the program can only access 2GB of memory to do it's business despite having 24GB in my machine.

Mandelbulb3d is one hell of a program. Anyway, the params for this are on pastebin, as usual for anyone who wants to use them.

The creative commons license on this work allows you to do whatever you damn well please with it, as long as I'm credited and you link back here. Modify it, change it, remix it, even *attempt* to sell it, just make sure you let me know. You don't have to ask for PERMISSION, just notify me.
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May 21, 2012
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